Great Central Plastics steps into the spotlight

No NTA award here, but just before we found ourselves in the midst of a film crew and at the forefront of an upcoming documentary for the discovery channel.

As a UK Plastics Manufacturer, we were the natural choice for the crew as they were interested in the whole manufacturing process and wanted to film the tooling, moulding and printing, all on one site. More importantly, the documentary makers wanted to focus on the use of recycled materials and how products can be made from waste, which is another fantastic service that we were able to demonstrate.

Our MD, Tony Phillips, commented “We have always strived to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer, using a variety of eco-friendly and recycled materials along with producing solar generated electricity to power our machines. It is a huge compliment that the Discovery Channel found it interesting enough to come and film us”.

Although our Head Tool Setter, Dave, may not be nominated for any Oscars just yet, we believe he was the star of the show.

To see what is was all about you will have to wait until later in the year when the programme is scheduled to be aired, stay tuned!